Predictive & actionable customer analytics for CLV sales optimization

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Start selling now
to tomorrow’s top shoppers.

Winnow out the minnows and shower love on the whales.

äctucast predicts with over 90% accuracy which of your shoppers will become big spenders — all in real time!

Dive deeper!
Start selling today to tomorrow's top shoppers.

plug ‘n’ play

You don’t need help from IT or a team of data scientists. You just need some big data and a problem to solve.

Log into your data source and start marketing directly to the shoppers who’ll actually spend money — big money.

plug 'n' play



After just 1 order, we can tell you who will buy again — and which shoppers are likely to become whales.


After 3 orders, we can predict whales with over 95% accuracy and a hit rate over 85%. That means you can act early.



Our predictions astound, but we don’t stop there. As a marketer, you need to act on the predictions.

That’s why äctucast plugs into every major CRM and campaign management tool with powerful APIs.



You spot a would-be whale.
What do you do? Jump on it.

äctucast automates attention. Send an email, a promo offer for a product they’ll love, or maybe a juicy thank-you gift.

You choose the rules. Let äctucast do the rest.


unique approach

unique approach

Identify predictive clusters in real time — and microtarget shoppers primed to buy now.

äctucast is the only app that optimizes CLV (Customer Life Value) by connecting state-of-the-art prediction science to CRM and campaign technology.

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